Friday, 27 April 2012

Antiques Roadshow

A few weeks ago I found out Antiques Roadshow was coming to town, so my lovely mother gave me this wonderfully hideous porcelain dog to take to be valuated. It had been donated to her church for the bric 'a' brac stall, but she spotted that it was probably worth a little more than it would fetch at a jumble sale [excuse the pun!] She's actually probably right, as they're called Wally Dogs and are listed for over £100 on eBay, although we're not sure if this is a fake.

So a friend and I went off to Antiques Roadshow at the Town Hall, but sadly we got there around lunchtime and there was already a two and half hour queue. There were signs telling you how long the wait was, like being at a theme park! We were actually pretty hungry and only really wanted to try and get our two minutes of fame, so this is as close as I got...

Not wanting to let my mother down, I went home and made this spoof video for her amusement. Thanks to Stefan and Emily for helping me make this. Enjoy :)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Creative Day at the Office

Today I've been creative in my office, getting some things ready for a couple of events I have coming up. The first is a sign to be used to promote a 'pop up' art exhibition I'm hosting on 5th May, called Space Between. It looks pretty simple, but I'd like to think it's a work of art! It's sturdily made from wood, screws and washers, and the dayglo posters are pasted onto Correx material. Please excuse the mess in my office in the background of the picture...

The other thing I've finished making today is a giant papier-mâché car for an upcoming Grease event I'm hosting. You can see the stages in the images below. It began with a frame made from poles from an old wardrobe, gaffa taped together with cardboard shaped around them. I then did two layers of papier-mâché with newspaper and another with white paper [with a little help from a friend to speed things up]. Finally I painted it in several stages. It's going to look great mounted on a wall at the event!

I wish every day in the office could be a fun creative day...

Monday, 16 April 2012

Birthday Gifts

Despite being in my mid twenties, every birthday I am given lots of toys and cool gadgets; I'm clearly a big kid at heart! Now I've had a chance to make my Lego toy and complete my Scrabble puzzle, I thought I'd show you some of the cool stuff I have been given by my awesome family and friends this year...

Left: Swedish Chef from The Muppets
Right: Mumford and Sons LP

Left: Flying Tardis - it floats and spins using magnets
Right: Scrabble Puzzle - this photo is taken after seven painstaking hours of making it

Left: Angry Birds Wooden Pin Badges
Right: Alien Cotton Bud Dispenser [every home should have one!]

Left: 'Gin and Titonic Ice Tray
Right: The finished product!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Surprise Birthday Party

My lovely girlfriend Emily and my housemate Stefan organised an awesome surprise birthday party for me yesterday. By surprise, I mean that I knew it was happening but didn't know anything about the plan at all. The three of us take turns to organise each others birthday parties and it always works out really well!

After enjoying a lovely Nandos, I was sent to the pub with some friends so that the two of them could set up the surprise at home. When I returned home I was presented with an RAF style jump suit, a military cap and some shades. I then had to crawl through a tunnel to enter the house.

The whole living area had been transformed into military barracks, including a military tent, lots of camouflage netting and lots of little plastic army men, amongst other cool stuff. Emily had also made a 'Battle Shots' game, which was loads of fun and a great new drinking game! There's a selection of photos below from last night, including my amazing Lego birthday cake also made by Emily!

First Blog Post

My girlfriend and my housemate have recently started blogging and it looks like fun, which is why I've decided to give it a go. I'll be posting about lots of different things that I find interesting, including music, art, fashion and my life in general.

I am a self employed events manager and DJ, based in the Cotswolds, UK.