Friday, 27 April 2012

Antiques Roadshow

A few weeks ago I found out Antiques Roadshow was coming to town, so my lovely mother gave me this wonderfully hideous porcelain dog to take to be valuated. It had been donated to her church for the bric 'a' brac stall, but she spotted that it was probably worth a little more than it would fetch at a jumble sale [excuse the pun!] She's actually probably right, as they're called Wally Dogs and are listed for over £100 on eBay, although we're not sure if this is a fake.

So a friend and I went off to Antiques Roadshow at the Town Hall, but sadly we got there around lunchtime and there was already a two and half hour queue. There were signs telling you how long the wait was, like being at a theme park! We were actually pretty hungry and only really wanted to try and get our two minutes of fame, so this is as close as I got...

Not wanting to let my mother down, I went home and made this spoof video for her amusement. Thanks to Stefan and Emily for helping me make this. Enjoy :)

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