Thursday, 19 April 2012

Creative Day at the Office

Today I've been creative in my office, getting some things ready for a couple of events I have coming up. The first is a sign to be used to promote a 'pop up' art exhibition I'm hosting on 5th May, called Space Between. It looks pretty simple, but I'd like to think it's a work of art! It's sturdily made from wood, screws and washers, and the dayglo posters are pasted onto Correx material. Please excuse the mess in my office in the background of the picture...

The other thing I've finished making today is a giant papier-mâché car for an upcoming Grease event I'm hosting. You can see the stages in the images below. It began with a frame made from poles from an old wardrobe, gaffa taped together with cardboard shaped around them. I then did two layers of papier-mâché with newspaper and another with white paper [with a little help from a friend to speed things up]. Finally I painted it in several stages. It's going to look great mounted on a wall at the event!

I wish every day in the office could be a fun creative day...

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