Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Surprise Birthday Party

My lovely girlfriend Emily and my housemate Stefan organised an awesome surprise birthday party for me yesterday. By surprise, I mean that I knew it was happening but didn't know anything about the plan at all. The three of us take turns to organise each others birthday parties and it always works out really well!

After enjoying a lovely Nandos, I was sent to the pub with some friends so that the two of them could set up the surprise at home. When I returned home I was presented with an RAF style jump suit, a military cap and some shades. I then had to crawl through a tunnel to enter the house.

The whole living area had been transformed into military barracks, including a military tent, lots of camouflage netting and lots of little plastic army men, amongst other cool stuff. Emily had also made a 'Battle Shots' game, which was loads of fun and a great new drinking game! There's a selection of photos below from last night, including my amazing Lego birthday cake also made by Emily!

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