Saturday, 8 September 2012

2.8 Hours Later - Zombie Street Game

Last night I spent an incredible evening being chased by Zombies at 2.8 Hours Later in Bristol. If you've not heard what all the fuss is about, the 2.8 Hours Later Facebook page describes it as:

"Starting from a secret city centre location, 2.8 Hours Later is a thrill-packed roller coaster ride of zombie movie action.

You will find yourself in a city that has been devastated by a zombie invasion. Your aim; to find the small pockets of survivors hiding out in some amazing locations. While all the time running from the hoards of bloodthirsty zombies roaming the streets between you and your goal. Each location will get you one step closer to resistance HQ; the last safe place in the city. Can you and your friends make it through this nightmarish world and find the Zombie Disco? 

The game starts at sundown and will be 2.8 hours of pure adrenaline. The experience will be physically and psychologically challenging but you'll find it exhilarating as well as exhausting".

This city-wide game takes place in several locations around the UK, including Bristol, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow and others. I don't want to describe it in too much detail and I don't want to give the game away; I will tell you that the game utilises several inner-city buildings and spaces and the whole experience really does get the adrenaline pumping! I've done a fair bit of running this evening and can feel muscles aching that I've only just discovered exist!

When you finish the game you will either have survived the infection or be one of the infected. I was caught by Zombies twice, but wasn't at all disappointed to be made up as as Zombie myself at the end! Here's a great team shot they took at the end...

SlingShot Effect, the company behind the game, run several other street games which I'm hoping to check out in the future. The cost of 2.8 Hours Later in Bristol was £28 per person, which may sound like a lot - but definitely worth every penny! 

Check out 2.8 Hours Later website here and take a look at an excellent promo video for the event below...

2.8 Hours Later from Slingshot on Vimeo.

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