Sunday, 9 September 2012

Stefan's Birthday - Where's Wolfie

My lovely girlfriend Emily, housemate Stefan and I organise each others' birthdays. When our birthdays come round, we write a list of all the people we want to invite and the other two organise a surprise birthday extravaganza. You can read about my awesome army themed birthday party back in April here. It was myself and Emily's turn to organise an awesome surprise birthday this weekend just gone - and it was excellent, even if I do say so myself!

Stefan's nickname is Wolf/Wolfie. It's a long story how this name came about, but he answers to it more than his real name! We made the theme for the party Where's Wolfie; everything all things Where's Wally! We all dressed up, which is easy enough for people to get involved with fairly little effort, but looks great - especially when a large group of us went into town together later in the evening!

Emily and I went on a lovely little holiday to Bath a few months ago, where I found a Where's Wally table cloth in a lovely toy shop, which is where the party theme inspiration came from. I got matching paper plates and balloons from eBay, where I also got my outfit. Red, white and blue bunting [there's tons of it around at the moment, can't think why!] also looked great with Where's Wolfie logos stuck on the white flags.

Emily and my sister Sarah also made this cake; it tasted as awesome as it looks!

We thought the game Guess Who [below] tenuously fits in with the theme, so bought it and changed the characters to friends of ours. This was fairly easy to do with stickers and a bit of trial and error. It was fun to play at the party and a nice extra present for the birthday boy too! 

Looking forward to organising Emily's birthday party in January already :)

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