Sunday, 25 November 2012

Mega Roller Disco Cheltenham, 17th November 2012

As I've blogged about previously, I run roller discos nationwide at schools and for other organisations, along with running big public events in Cheltenham. The brand is Mega Roller Disco and we attract about 500 skaters per event, which we run quarterly at leisure@cheltenham. The event is run across three sessions, with two family sessions and an adult session later in the evening.

Roller Discos are fun for people of all ages, as kids love it, it's a great alternative activity for many and lots of adults come to relive their youth! Roller Discos are making a big come back at the moment, with many major music festivals now adding it to their entertainment. Bestival had a roller disco in 2011 and in 2012 there were around eight large festivals doing it. I predict this will spread to many more festivals in 2013, which is very exciting!

Check out some photos below from the adult session from the most recent event on Saturday 17th November 2012. You can find out more about Mega Roller Disco at

 Roller Train!

Me in middle, my business partner Stefan to the left and my friend Pob to the right

A great action shot

Our friends Chris and Hannah

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Food vs Man Cheltenham

Recently I teamed up with someone to produce an event called Food vs Man. It's a food eating challenge, which we held at Vodka Revolution in Cheltenham on Thursday 15th November 2012. Competitors paid to enter and got an impressively large and tasty meal, a t-shirt and a chance to win £50 cash prize. The prize was for whoever finished first. It was fun promoting the event as there was a lot of interest from people. The response on social media was great, with fantastic interaction from a lot of people. 

My colleague Mike was in charge of creating the food challenge itself. After a couple of test runs, we perfected The Chilli Dog Challenge. This consisted of a full size tiger bread stick, eight pork sausages, lots of spicy chilli, nachos, jalopenos, a bowl of chips, a pint of jelly and ice cream and a pint of lager.

The Chilli Dog Challenge

During the test runs, the amount of food was smaller, along with using eight hot dogs instead of pork sausages and the chilli wasn't all that spicy. We deliberately made the final challenge harder, but we took it too far; none of the competitors finished it! After an hour, five of the nine competitors had dropped out. As time ticked on and it became apparent that no one would outright finish, we announced that they final four competitors had ten minutes to eat as much as possible. Whoever's plate weighed in lowest would win the cash prize.

The event draw a large crowd to cheer on the brave competitors and one large group of people had even made little signs to hold up to cheer on their friend! We invited Richard, a friend of Mike, to compere at the event and he did a fantastic job of getting the crowd cheering along and bringing the whole event together on the night.

We're holding another event in February of next year and you can find out more at

 The competitors lined up and raring to go

I think this photo sums up the challenge perfectly!

Joel, the triumphant winner

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wychwood Festival 2012

This year I did some work for Wychwood Festival, which is held over three nights at Cheltenham Racecourse in June of each year. Along with helping in the office in the run up to the festival, I also work during the weekend for one of the entertainment providers. 

My work during the weekend is mostly late at night, so I'm lucky enough to get to enjoy a lot of the music - including star-spotting backstage! My weekend highlights include Thrill Collins, KSH and the Going Goods, James, Dhol Foundation, Port Isaac's Fisherman's Friends and Duke Special. 

Thrill Collins are local Gloucestershire heroes, who rework popular songs, mostly from the 80s and 90s in skiffle style. They travel the World extensively and are building up a large, diverse and very loyal fan-base around the World! You can check out their amazing Rap Odyssey here...

Thrill Collins - Rap Odyssey

KSH and the Going Goods are also locally based, incredibly talented musicians. Their brilliant track Sitting on the Fence is super catchy, check it out...

KSH and the Going Goods - Sitting on the Fence

Wychwood has been nominated for Best Family Festival for six years running, with great emphasis put on entertainment for all ages. Along with a wonderful musical line-up, you can enjoy excellent comedy and workshops, great food, locally sourced ale and a very welcoming, pleasant atmosphere in which to enjoy it. 

Campers pitch-up in the centre of the racecourse itself, which I think is great and you wake up to the beautiful view of the rolling Prestbury Hills. Festivalgoers need not worry about a waterlogged site if the weather isn't kind: The race track itself has top-notch drainage and the main site is largely concrete. 

Be sure to check out the Wychwood website when choosing which festivals you want to go to in 2013 :)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Music I'm Loving at the Moment

Just wanted to do a quick post about some music I've been enjoying recently. I've been rediscovering my love for finding great new music, having been a bit lazy recently and mainly played older favourite albums. 

While trying to stay awake in the early hours during a drive back from an event, I was tuned into Rob da Bank's show on Radio 1 a while back. He played some amazing new tunes, including the now Mercury prize winner Alt-J (∆) and Ben Howard. The song he played was The Wolves, which is one of my favourite tracks from the album, along with Old Pine and The Fear.

Ben Howard - The Wolves

I'm also a big fan of King Charles, who I've written about previously in a post about Truck Festival here. His song Ivory Road is particularly awesome. We were lucky enough to meet him at Truck after his set, when we had our faces painted as wild animals...

King Charles - Ivory Road

Mumford and Sons' new album is incredible as expected. I'm a huge fan and we've got tickets to see them at Portsmouth Guildhall in three weeks time - so excited! I'll do a post about that afterwards. It took them over three years to follow-up their debut album, but it was worth the wait. It's a little strange that they have rehashed some of the songs, including old B-side Untitled being sampled to become

and Learn Me Right [with Birdy, used on Disney's Brave soundtrack] adapted slightly to become Not With Haste. Despite this, they're both great new tracks and I can't fault anything about the album! Not With Haste is really beautiful, take a listen...

Mumford & Sons - Not With Haste

Finally, I'm absolutely kicking myself for only just discovering The Gaslight Anthem. Their most recent album "45" is brilliant; I've had the title song on repeat a lot! I've been listening through their back catalogue on Spotify and they really are awesome.

Can anyone please recommend me any excellent new or older music I should check out? 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Rosie the Gypsy Caravan

Back in August Emily and I stayed in Rosie the Gypsy Caravan in Milford-on-Sea, near the New Forest. You can check out Vinegar Hill B&B and find out more on their website here. The caravan had been lovingly restored by owners David and Lucy. David runs a Pottery business also and runs residential workshops onsite.

The cost per night was £80 including breakfast for two people. It was really fun to stay in. was cosy and more spacious than it looks! We thought this was really good value for money if you want to try something different, compared to your boring, bog standard B&Bs for a similar price.

It is located close to Milford-on-Sea beach, which is lovely and well kept. We spent a lot of our trip sitting by the sea and watching the world go by. It's always therapeutic sitting by the sea! We also ventured into Lymington and Lyndhurst which were a short drive away and looked round lots of nice little shops. I'm originally from Southampton which is fairly close to the New Forest, so had fond memories of going to these places when I was younger.

When we mentioned Rosie to a friend, she said she'd seen it listed on Canopy and Stars. This is a great website which lists interesting/alternative places to stay around the UK, including yurts, treehouses and other cool places! We'd definitely like to stay in a treehouse at some point, some of them are incredible! Below is an example of a treehouse hotel taken from the C&S website.