Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Food vs Man Cheltenham

Recently I teamed up with someone to produce an event called Food vs Man. It's a food eating challenge, which we held at Vodka Revolution in Cheltenham on Thursday 15th November 2012. Competitors paid to enter and got an impressively large and tasty meal, a t-shirt and a chance to win £50 cash prize. The prize was for whoever finished first. It was fun promoting the event as there was a lot of interest from people. The response on social media was great, with fantastic interaction from a lot of people. 

My colleague Mike was in charge of creating the food challenge itself. After a couple of test runs, we perfected The Chilli Dog Challenge. This consisted of a full size tiger bread stick, eight pork sausages, lots of spicy chilli, nachos, jalopenos, a bowl of chips, a pint of jelly and ice cream and a pint of lager.

The Chilli Dog Challenge

During the test runs, the amount of food was smaller, along with using eight hot dogs instead of pork sausages and the chilli wasn't all that spicy. We deliberately made the final challenge harder, but we took it too far; none of the competitors finished it! After an hour, five of the nine competitors had dropped out. As time ticked on and it became apparent that no one would outright finish, we announced that they final four competitors had ten minutes to eat as much as possible. Whoever's plate weighed in lowest would win the cash prize.

The event draw a large crowd to cheer on the brave competitors and one large group of people had even made little signs to hold up to cheer on their friend! We invited Richard, a friend of Mike, to compere at the event and he did a fantastic job of getting the crowd cheering along and bringing the whole event together on the night.

We're holding another event in February of next year and you can find out more at

 The competitors lined up and raring to go

I think this photo sums up the challenge perfectly!

Joel, the triumphant winner

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