Sunday, 9 February 2014

Disco Josh at the One Direction World Movie Premiere in Leicester Square

On Tuesday 20th August 2013, I performed as a DJ at the One Direction World Movie Premiere in Leicester Square, London. It was an incredible day, with tens of thousands of fans piling in to the area to try and catch a glimpse of the band. The whole event was incredibly well organised, with barriers sectioning off different parts of the area. As fans arrived, they were given wristbands corresponding to different areas. The earlier fans arrived, the closer they were able to get to the red carpet. There were also large screens in several places to view the action.

The area I was performing in was towards the back of the square. This area was a Yahoo! marketing area, with the music I was playing [One Direction songs only, of course!] being played to fans through Headphone Disco headsets. There was also plenty of freebies and other activities in this area, along with a chance to meet [a cardboard version of] the band. 

The whole experience was very exciting and we enjoyed celeb spotting too, with dozens of celebrities including Simon Cowell attending the event. The toughest part of the day was driving our van back into a very packed Leicester Square in the evening to load out the kit!

Production crew setting up

Hanging with my [cardboard] homies

AAA crew pass

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