Sunday, 16 February 2014

Headphone Disco at Thorpe Park

In April and August 2013 I spent several days DJing in the queue lines for rides at Thorpe Park in Chertsey, UK. Guests were given Headphone Disco headphones at the entrance of the queue line, to listen to one of two DJs performing over two wireless channels. Check out the photos below of guests enjoying our tunes in the sunshine! The show was part of Summer Scream, in association with Dr Pepper.

Interaction was encouraged by asking guests on the microphone to tweet us their requests or make requests as they passed the stage. The stage was on an island in the middle of the queue line. Even though I've performed in front of much larger crowds, even into the thousands, this stage is quite daunting as people are staring at you from all angles! 

The queue line party got a bit cheesy at times, with guests dancing along to songs including the Macarena and Y.M.C.A. We also got lots of Mexican Waves on the go, along with other silly games to encourage interaction. 

Left: Me and DiskoNik / Right: Me and Peachy

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