Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Paragliding in Verbier

Due to the micro-climate in Verbier, the area is popular with paragliders. The sky is regularly filled with paragliders and it's not uncommon to see them flying over you, often quite low, while you are skiing or boarding down the mountain. 

Despite not being a huge fan of heights, I decided I wanted to give it a go. A couple of colleagues had just been on tandem flights with English speaking instructors and highly recommended flying with Verbier Summits. On their website they even boast of having flown tandem flights with Richard Branson and Bill Gates' children! 

I got a great deal as a seasonaire, but the prices are reasonable anyway for such a great experience. We launched from part way up the mountain and landed at the bottom of the valley, with a flight time of around 20 minutes. The scenery was incredible and I didn't find it scary. It was actually really relaxing and very comfortable in the harness seat. The photos below were taken by Stu my instructor on a GoPro. I love how they capture the background and the parachute. 

paragliding in verbier

paragliding in verbier

verbier paragliding 3

A few weeks later, Emily's father Nigel decided he wanted to go Paragliding in Meribel. Unfortunately we found the company he flew with quite disorganised. In hindsight, we also think they shouldn't have flown in the weather conditions, as it was too windy. The wind actually dropped while they were flying, resulting in a semi-controlled crash landing. Check out the video below and skip to a few seconds before the end to see a rather entertaining crash landing and Nigel's bemused face. Perhaps we find it funnier as we know him, but we think his face at the end is priceless! 

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