Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Paint It Yourself Pottery

Back in my mid teens, I worked in a lovely little paint it yourself pottery shop called The Crockery in Southampton. I ran the shop on Saturdays and during the school holidays, helping people paint their items, glazing the pottery, emptying the kiln and generally helping the shop run smoothly. 

There's a similar shop in Cheltenham called Paint It Yourself Pottery, which was on the same road as my flat. My lovely girlfriend Emily and I went there for one of our first dates. We've been back since and I've also taken my Mothership there, who also likes to get a bit arty.

You can choose from dozens of different items to paint, but I always enjoy painting something useful like a mug or a plate. I've also painted a lovely little plant pot for Emily, which we have a cactus in now. See the photo below of this artistic masterpiece! It generally costs around £10-£15 to paint most items. 

There are lots of different paint colours to choose from, all displayed as the finished colours on handy little colour wheels. I find it best to draw the design on the item in pencil, which burns off during the kilning process. Different pottery shops recommend different numbers of layers of paint, but I find it best to put at least two layers on and sometimes three, in order to get a good solid and bold colour, without patches. 

Perfect for wet weather days and for making personalised gifts for friends and family, I'd highly recommend giving this a go. The Crockery in Southampton and Paint It Yourself Pottery in Cheltenham are both lovely little independent shops, but there are also lots of other similar shops dotted around the country, if you fancy giving it a go.

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