Monday, 14 July 2014

Day trip to Brighton

After a pleasant weekend at Love Supreme Festival [which you can read about here] we decided we'd go for a day out in Brighton, to make the most of our trip to the area last week.

Some friends recommended we go for breakfast or brunch at Bill's, which is a lovely restaurant in the middle of Brighton. They serve food all day and have a selection of alcohol available too, but their main focus is on breakfast. The vegetarian breakfast included two pieces of ciabatta bread, one topped with houmous and one with guacamole. This came with mushrooms, two poached eggs, tomato and salad and I paid a bit extra for the grated potato and baked beans. I have to say that it was literally the best breakfast I've ever had in my entire life! Now I've had a lot of great breakfasts, but this was simply incredible, with so many delicious flavours and a refreshing twist on conventional cooked breakfasts. The food came out quite quickly and the service was friendly and professional too, so Bill's was an all-round ten out of ten experience! 

Vegetarian breakfast at Bill's

Emily and I had a lovely day wandering around all the interesting and quirky shops and even planned super far ahead by getting some Christmas presents for family! We're going away travelling again soon and returning three days before Christmas, so we're trying to get a bit organised. As you may know, many of the coolest and quirkiest shops are in the laines in Brighton, which is a labyrinth of shops on tiny cobbled streets. 

Having watched the programme on many a lazy Sunday afternoon in front of the telly, we looked up the location of the Choccywoccydoodah shop, which is in the laines and headed there to be amazed by all the intricate chocolate creations. It was a lovely place to have a little wander round and we would have stopped for a hot chocolate in their little cafe if we hadn't have just had lunch. It's definitely worth popping in here if you're in the area, even if you haven't seen the TV series.

Emily being a tourist outside Choccywoccydoodah

After lots of window shopping we headed to the seafront and it was lovely to have a little walk along the beach in the sunshine. The seagulls are a real pest in Brighton and we saw two seagulls attacking two very young children to steal their fish and chips! The mother was watching and was too scared to come and help her kids, which was frustrating to watch, but luckily two people nearby were close enough to be able to chase the seagulls away. I definitely wouldn't eat anything outside anywhere near the seafront as the seagulls are so vicious and such a nuisance.

Despite the seagulls, Brighton seafront is a very pleasant and quintessentially English place to spend the afternoon and it's all very well kept too. So many seaside resorts are being left to rot these days, so it's nice to see Brighton so well looked after. The Carousel on the beach was very pretty and traditional, so I had to stop and Instragram it, as ya do!

Carousel on Brighton seafront

No trip to the seaside would be complete without a visit to the pier and wasting some money on the tacky amusement arcades. Emily absolutely thrashed me at air hockey [8-3] and I gambled my life away on the horse racing game too! That game has always been my favourite, closely followed by the 2p tipping machines. 

Emily thrashing me at air hockey

Gambling my life away at the amusement arcade

Whilst enjoying all the weird and wonderful shops in Brighton, we discovered lots of awesome street art. Check out some photos of my favourite areas I found on the day below. In the right places and done properly, I think street art is fantastic and really brightens up otherwise run-down and unpleasant looking places. I don't understand why people spend money on spray paint to only spray crappy tags on walls. I love seeing well planned works of art on urban walls. I bought some spray paint recently for a DIY job and it costs loads. Amusingly, despite finishing school ten years ago, I got asked for ID to buy it too! I find it quite fascinating to see that people have spent a fortune on materials to paint this artwork, which is for the free enjoyment of the general public.

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