Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Glastonbury post #2: Theatre, Circus and Kidz Field areas

This is my second post about Glastonbury Festival 2014. You can read all about the music I checked out at the festival this year here

This blog post consists of lots of photos and a few words about the Theatre, Circus and Kidz Field areas at Glastonbury. These areas are vibrant and exciting and offer something a bit different each time you visit on the different days of the festival. The theatre field is home to lots of actors in brilliant costumes, who stay in character while interacting with festival-goers. I'll let the photos do most of the talking in this blog post, but they really don't do it justice. The broad range of different costumes, themes and ages of performers was very impressive and we spent hours wondering around these areas.

Arctic Explorers in the Theatre area

My favourite actors were the Antarctic Explorers, whose outfits and role-play were top notch. Some of the performers were giant insects or birds, for example the swarm of bumble bees you can see below, who collapsed into a big bundle. I was also attacked by a pack of pesky giant seagulls who imitated the nuisance caused by their real-life counterparts!

Bumble bee bundle

Another particularly great group of performers in the theatre area were the gang of pirates travelling round in a motorised pirate ship. It was impressive to watch and they put on a fun performance too, adding in some adult jokes when kids were [probably] out of earshot!

Motorised pirate ship... amazing

Carrying a paper mache stone to Stonehenge!

The druids above were comically looking for Stonehenge, carrying their giant piece of stone. Someone touched the stone and [obviously] tainted it, so we were asked to do join in singing and dancing around the stone to bless it, to the tune of the Hokey Cokey!

Tea ladies on tour

On the Saturday afternoon we got involved with dressing up, with Neanderthal outfits. This was loads of fun, but our outfits definitely weren't as impressive as most of the professionals in the theatre area! It rained quite a bit on the Saturday afternoon and I have to admit that our outfits didn't look quite so authentic when we had raincoats on!

My sister Sarah and her fiance Max [in the middle below] have dressed as cave people the last two times they've been to Glastonbury, so it's become a bit of a tradition for them. I absolutely love dressing up and was surprised to discover that not a huge number of people dress up at Glastonbury, compared to other similar festivals I've been to. 

We dressed up at Neanderthals on Saturday 

The circus area is directly next to the theatre area at Glastonbury and it full of lots of weird and wonderful performers, including areas where you can get involved too. We enjoyed watching some acts in the Outside Circus, where there is amphitheatre style seating. We also caught the end of a guy doing a tightrope walking show, just in time to see him carry a member of the audience [who was visibly shaking] on his shoulder as he tightrope walked! You could try slackline walking in this area and trapeze sessions were on offer too, but we decided to give this a miss. Both are something I'd like to give a go in the future though. 

Tightrope walking with someone on his shoulders, great to watch

Modern day Houdini on the Outside Circus Stage

There's a big Circus tent in this area too, but it always seemed very busy, so we gave it a miss and enjoyed all the other cool stuff going on all around it. There was a small cocktail van positioned nearby which had a human birdcage on the top of it, for short little performances. We happened to wander past as a performer was doing a ballet performance to Let It Go from Frozen!

The Kidz Field was superb to wander around, even if it isn't really aimed at adults! We were lured in by the promise of Dynamo the Magician making appearances in this area during the weekend. We didn't think his brand of magic was particularly well suited to this area, but would have loved to have met him and seen him do some tricks. Sadly we didn't see him, but I did later see on Instagram that he'd been checking out bands around the festival site, whilst wearing a mask to enjoy the festival without being noticed!

Turn that frown upside down! Smiles only in the Kidz Field

The lovely Glastonbury Kidz Field looking vibrant as ever


  1. What a great post! Thanks for sharing :) I spent most of my time in t&c, but you still caught loads of things I missed! A bunch of my reviews are on my blog http://thecircusdiaries.com if you're interested in what you missed in the Big Top!

  2. Lovely to hear from you! I've just had a read of your blog and joined your mailing list :)