Saturday, 12 July 2014

Love Supreme Jazz Festival 2014

My girlfriend Emily and I are currently working and playing our way through a busy festival season, with a mixture of Headphone Disco shows and going as regular customers. Last weekend we worked on the bar at Love Supreme Festival near Brighton, as we wanted to fill in the weekend with yet another festival to keep us entertained. It's been a long time since either of us have worked on a bar and it was actually pretty enjoyable!

We only worked a couple of shifts, then enjoyed the rest of the festival, which was set in the beautiful grounds of Glynde Place. This stately home was built in the 16th century and is set on the top of a hill, overlooking the rolling, well kept grounds. There was even a little moat surrounding the building. I'd love to live in a house with a moat!

After taking another obligatory wristband photo, we wandered into the festival site on the Thursday night, as it was still being built, before customers started to arrive on Friday. Having just got back from Glastonbury only three days before, it was such a huge difference to be on such a small festival site, with just a main stage, two middle-sized big top stages, a few food vendors and a handful of bars. It all looked really pretty, with very well kept grass and beautiful trees. What is lacked in size it made up for in appearance!


We were really pleased to be given six food vouchers each by the bar company, to use over the weekend. Disappointingly some of the traders who had agreed to accept the vouchers [for which they are reimbursed a set amount by the bar company] were only offering very small options with the vouchers, or asking for extra money. The whole point of the voucher is that it's supposed to pay for a meal. Thankfully some of the traders, including Lalita's Vegetarian Curry and good old Pieminister were offering very tasty full meals with the vouchers. We actually had Lalita's Masala Dosa meal two nights in a row as it was so delicious and also one of the biggest festival feasts we've ever had! So many festival traders charge large amounts of money [often around £8] for a meal which won't actually fill you up. 

Festival meal of dreams!

Anyone for Pimm's?

On the Saturday night after working a day shift on the bar, we had a few drinks [Anyone for Pimm's?] and went to see Earth, Wind & Fire on the main stage. Love Supreme really is a rather small festival [this was only it's second year] and we were easily able to get pretty close to the front, despite arriving fairly late into the performance. Although Earth, Wind & Fire were brilliant performers and it was great hearing Boogie Wonderland and September live, they were almost a little too polished. This may sound like a strange criticism, but they sounded too much like a recording, rather than a live performance. 

Earth, Wind and Joshy!

On Sunday we enjoyed a lazy day, spending a couple of hours in the leafy surroundings of the bandstand. Having had loads whilst travelling around Thailand, Emily was excited to have a young coconut again, which were sold by Coco Face. They were also selling these on the bar with a shot of rum in them, which was a nice idea I thought. The bandstand music was programmed by the Verdict Jazz Club in Brighton and I really enjoyed the relaxing live jazz, despite it not particularly being my usual cup of tea. 

Lazy Sunday afternoon at the bandstand

Emily has been a fan of Imelda May since seeing her live at Cornbury Festival with her family a few years ago. Imelda May was a fantastic live performer, with some great dance moves and an exciting backing band. Emily mentioned that Imelda's show hasn't changed at all in the number of years since she last saw her, including having exactly the same outfit and hair style, but the show was brilliant nonetheless! We were again surprised to be able to get so close so easily, despite Imelda May being the penultimate act on the main stage on the Sunday night, in the early evening slot.

To close the main stage, De Le Soul performed an outstanding show, which had everyone dancing. As you might imagine from a Jazz Festival, Love Supreme was quite middle class and rather posey, so it was funny to see some of the crowd trying to look hip during De La Soul's performance! Many years ago, back in the days of answering phones on your landline, my parents used to get our family to sing 'hilarious' songs as the message when it picks up. I hadn't realised until now that one of the songs we had sung was actually the De La Soul song Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey): "Hey, how you doing, sorry you can't get through. Why don't you leave your name and your number and I'll get back to you".

Imelda May on the Love Supreme Main Stage

De La Soul on the Love Supreme Main Stage

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