Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sarah and Max's Stag and Hen Party at Truck Festival 2014

Last weekend a big group of around 30 of us went to Truck Festival in Oxford for a joint Stag and Hen party for my sister Sarah and her fiance Max. This is the third year in a row we've been to Truck and it's always a lovely weekend. This year was especially fun, with such a big group and with great fancy dress on both nights of the festival! 

Sarah and Max are both changing their surname to Dragon when they get married next month. To celebrate, we surprised them on the Friday by all dressing up as Knights and giving them Dragon outfits to wear. It was loads of fun and attracted loads of attention around the festival! There was a great selection of knight outfits and a damsel in distress too. 

We gave Sarah and Max each a list of tasks to complete on the Friday while dressed as knights, which you can check out below. I admit that these tasks are pretty tame for a stag or hen do, but it was loads of fun! The girls and boys split off to do the tasks separately for around an hour. You'd be surprised how many strangers were really keen on getting a Sharpie moustache drawn on them, or just generally wanting to get involved in the madness. Highlights of the evening include the boys being ambushed by the girls whilst having their photo taken by an official photographer and Max topping a human/Dragon pyramid! 

Max getting slayed by the local Constabulary

Max topping a human/Dragon pyramid!

Sarah and Max had arranged a wedding cross-dressing theme for the Saturday. The boys all dressed as bridesmaids, with Max being the blushing bride, whilst the girls were groomsmen, with Sarah being the groom. Most of the boys admitted to actually quite enjoying wearing the dresses! Check out the video below of Max the blushing bride throwing the bouquet, with a crazy scrum to catch it by the boys. I got bashed in the eye and lost my wig...

Truck had organised a Paint Fight for the Saturday afternoon, which most of our group were really keen to get involved with. The Truck crew threw out loads of bags of powder paint to the huge crowd that had formed, then madness ensued as everyone tried to get covered and cover each other in as much paint as possible! Check out the great photo below of our group in their wedding gear, covered in paint after the paint fight.


  1. The pictures look like you guys had a great time at the event i wish i was there too with you guys. Good luck for your future

  2. Ha ha ha! You so need some me time before then lovely! Outdoor Paintball