Monday, 21 July 2014

Saving a bee

This is just a short and sweet post about how to save a bee! I had seen a viral post a while back about how to revive a tired bee. I admit I was quite excited when I saw a sleepy looking bee struggling to fly, buzzing around on the floor in the conservatory recently. Bees are an important part of our eco-system and they're constantly being harmed through various human and natural factors. Although they may be small, I think it's worth taking the time to give bees a new lease of life, even one at a time!

To save the bee I found, I quickly put some sugar on a dessert spoon, mixed with a little water and put the spoon down gently next to the bee. The bee immediately crawled onto the spoon and started drinking the sugary water. It had a nice long drink, before starting to fly, very slowly at first, hovering above the spoon. A few seconds later, the bee was fully energised and flew straight out the door! You can't beat the warm fuzzy feeling of helping a bee go on it's merry way, it's the bees knees! (sorry).

I've since been told that you need to ensure the sugar is completely dissolved before allowing the bee to drink the water. This bee was only drinking from the water, in which the sugar had dissolved. I guess I should have put a little less sugar or a bit more water on the spoon, so that the whole lot was mixed in, but I did do this quite hastily. 

Give it a go if you ever see a bee in need. Happy bee saving!

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