Friday, 1 August 2014

Booking our flights with STA Travel

Emily and I recently paid the balance on our flights for our round the world trip later this year. We booked with STA Travel, who specialise in travel booking for young people. We booked our flights for Thailand on the STA website earlier this year and were pleased with the price and service. For our round the world trip we booked an appointment at the Cheltenham branch, where one of the team spent over two hours looking at all the best flight and travel options for what we wanted to do. They really understood what we wanted and all of the staff have done lots of travelling of their own, so they were able to offer lots of great first-hand advice. 

For our next trip, we return to Thailand in mid-October. We're going to travel by land to Cambodia and Vietnam and we're hoping to see some of Malaysia before flying out of Kuala Lumpar, five and a half weeks after arriving in Asia. We're then flying to New Zealand, to explore the North and South Islands for three weeks, before flying to Australia for a few days in Melbourne and a week in Sydney. Having spent two months travelling around Thailand earlier this year, we feel a lot more prepared than last time, so we're hoping to get even more out of our travelling time. 

One of our travelling details we weren't sure of was how best to explore New Zealand. We had been thinking of booking a camper van, which friends of ours had done previously. After chatting at great length with the advisors at STA, who had travelled around New Zealand themselves, we booked the Kiwi Experience bus service. I'm not a great fan of driving, having to travel long distances around the UK to run events. I didn't feel like I would enjoy hours of driving and the advisors pointed out that travelling on the buses would be a lot more sociable too. When you factor in the cost of paying for camper-van pitches on route, plus the inconvenience of living in a van for three weeks, we decided that the Kiwi Experience was best suited to what we wanted to get out of our time in New Zealand. There are various different routes you can choose from, with different price bands, but we think the Sheepdog option we chose will work nicely for the amount of time we have in the country. I'm sure I'll be writing much more about this in a few months time when we experience it for ourselves!


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