Friday, 19 September 2014

Mega Roller Disco Cheltenham

Last weekend I went to Mega Roller Disco at the Town Hall with Cheltenham with some friends. This is a brand I created around two years ago, before selling it on to an event company, before going travelling. It was great to go to an MRD event that I wasn't working at and to check it out at it's relatively new home, as it was previously held at leisure@cheltenham.

Myself, Emily, Mark and Peter at Mega Roller Disco in Cheltenham

It was great to see that my friend Stefan who manages the events has continued taking the events from strength to strength and it worked so well having a bar open for the adult session. This gave customers a nice space to go and chill out between doing a few laps on their skates and encouraged people to stay for the whole session.

Mega Roller Disco also run a family session earlier in the day and run these events regularly throughout the year. You can find out more by visiting their website here, where you can also enquire about booking MRD for a private event, including schools, music festivals and birthday parties. 

I've uploaded a brief video above, to prove that I've progressed from clutching to walls, which I'm pretty pleased about! I'm in the purple t-shirt. When I ran the events, I barely skated at all, so it was nice to give it a proper go. I woke up the next day aching a lot though, as I did fall over quite a lot! I kept the wrist protection that was provided along with the skate hire on all night, and was surprised to see many people choosing not to wear it. Safety first, people!
My roller girl Emily at Mega Roller Disco

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