Thursday, 9 October 2014

Our next adventure begins today

Emily and I are heading to the airport in just over an hour, to begin our next adventure. You may have read my previous blog posts about ten weeks spent in the Alps at the start of the year, eight weeks in Thailand in February and March and a visit to Boston in May. This time we're flying back into Bangkok, then planning to visit Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, before heading to Malaysia. We fly from Kuala Lumpur to New Zealand for a three-week bus tour with Kiwi Experience, followed by two weeks split between Melbourne and Sydney in Australia. We're so excited for lots of new experiences and sights and for meeting lots of interesting people from all over the world.

We had a last minute visa panic last night, when we realised that we needed proof of onward travel to be able to get our 30-day visa on arrival in Thailand. Last time we arranged a 90-day tourist visa in advance as we were stayed in Thailand only for eight weeks. The panic is owed to bad advice from STA Travel, who said it would be fine to get a visa on arrival as we won't be there for more than 30 days. In reality, the only proof we had that we'd be out of the country at all, is a flight booked from Kuala Lumpur, 38 days after arriving in Thailand, which clearly wouldn't suffice. So last night we booked a flight from Chiang Mai [Thailand's 'second city'] to Kuala Lumpur for 29 days after we enter Thailand. This actually works out really nicely, a we wanted to visit Chiang Mai again briefly after visiting Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos and avoids any astronomically long bus journeys! I'm glad I had a final last minute check of all our documents last night, which may have saved a big headache at the airport.

I'll be trying to post here at regular intervals, to update my friends and also share my experiences with the world. My blog stats tell me that lots of people regularly read my travelling blog posts even now, several months after they've been written, so it's nice to know people are stumbling across them through the power of the world wide web.

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