Sunday, 18 January 2015

Art of the Brick, London

lego art exhibition

The Art of the Brick Lego Exhibition is taking place in Shoreditch, London, with the closing date recently extended to 12th April 2015. I heard about this exhibition a long while back and though we'd miss it due to travelling abroad, so I was glad to hear we'd now get the chance to see it, when I noticed the exhibition extension date. Emily and I were visiting London on New Year's Eve to visit friends to see in the new year, so we decided to check out this exhibition with our friend Stefan. 

art of the brick

I wasn't sure what to expect from this exhibition. I'm a huge fan of Lego, but wasn't quite sure what to expect from what I perceived to be a bit of a serious display of my favourite little plastic bricks. We booked tickets online for £14.50 each, selecting a specific time slot in advance, which added to my assumption that it would be quite formal.

lego brick art

When we arrived, there were lots of kids excitably queuing up in reception, so I started to think the exhibition wouldn't be as serious as I had first thought. All of the art is created by one man, named Nathan Sawaya. He has made a name for himself around the World as being a leading Lego artist, although I don't believe his claim that he is the only person creating art with Lego. Visitors are shown a 3-4 minute introductory video when you enter the gallery, which I thought was quite a self-indulgent and unnecessary celebration of the artist.

art brick lego

Different categories are displayed in different rooms as you wander through the exhibition, which was presented very well and with lighting that really enhanced the displays. The pieces vary in style, including 2D portrait type pieces and 3D pieces of people, animals and other things. There's no doubting that most of the pieces were very impressive, especially the giant fossilised Dinosaur. As I wandered round, I tried to work out if the artist really did take himself seriously, or if it was all a bit tongue in cheek. Many of the exhibits had arty sounding names, with many descriptions that I found quite pretentious and philosophical. Despite that, I thoroughly enjoyed the artwork and highly recommend you check it out.

lego art

As I mentioned, there were many kids there, probably outnumbering the adults, as we went during the school holidays. I think the exhibition would be enjoyable kids, but the entry fee is quite steep for a family visit and it doesn't take long to explore. We took less than an hour to walk through, but I think kids would race through a lot quicker than that.

lego models

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