Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Home for Christmas and New Years' Eve

After a year of adventure and working abroad away from family last Christmas, Emily and I were delighted to be home for festive fun with our families this year. 

We spent Christmas morning opening presents and having fun with Emily's Aunty Lisa, Simon and six year old Jack. In the afternoon we headed over to Emily's Aunty Linda and Uncle Alan's house, where we enjoyed the rest of the day with Emily's Nanny and cousins. Having eaten mostly junk food or cooked very basic meals ourselves for the last five weeks in New Zealand and Australia, it was especially nice to have a big tasty dinner on Christmas day. Emily and I were both pretty shattered quite early in the day, having only flown back to the UK from Birmingham three days before, but we battled on as best we could!

In the evening we played silly games and had a good old fashioned singalong, with Emily's dad Nigel playing the guitar, while we all sang along ever-so tunefully! Check out the short video below.


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Every year my family celebrate Christmas a few days late, so Emily and I enjoy two Christmas celebrations. We pretend the 27th December is Christmas Eve and wake up on the 28th December as though it is Christmas Day all over again. This year my brother Michael joined us for Christmas for the first time in many years. It was nice to spend Christmas with him and also to spend Christmas with my nephews Eugene [6] and Elliot [8] for the first time. My mum bought the European cheese mountain as always and it was lovely to spend time with my parents after I've been away for so much of the last year.

Emily and I got my parents' cat Tigger this daft Catplane, which we spent ages trying to entice him to use. My mum just sent me this picture of the cat finally using it and you can tell he loves it...

cat toy fun

We travelled to London for New Year's Eve, to see in the New Year with our friends Stefan and Jemma. Emily, Stefan and I visited the Art of the Brick Lego art exhibition in Shoreditch, which you can read about here. We spent the evening eating lots of awesome curry and playing silly games including Cards Against Humanity. Later in the evening we left the house to go and watch the fireworks over London at midnight.

You may have heard that 'they' started charging £10 entry per person to watch the NYE fireworks along the Thames for the first time this year. Having watched the fireworks from Primrose Hill with only a few hundred other people the year before, our friends suggested we watched from there as the view is great. It seemed that the due to the new ticket cost, thousands of other people had the same idea as us and it was incredibly busy on Primrose Hill. We didn't get a very good view of the fireworks and we missed the countdown as it was so hectic around us. It wasn't a very nice atmosphere and it felt a little dangerous due to it being overcrowded and not at all managed.

Despite the midnight anti-climax, we had a very lovely New Year's Eve with friends, which was the first time in seven years that I haven't worked on this night! Thanks for reading, happy new year!

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