Sunday, 11 January 2015

Moving back to Cheltenham and Emily's 24th Birthday

After 14-months of being nomads, whilst travelling the World and staying with friends and family inbetween, my girlfriend Emily and I moved back to Cheltenham last weekend. It's been a busy week moving our stuff, filling bare cupboards [it's amazing how much stuff you need to buy when you start from scratch!] and settling back into working life [and job hunting for Emily]. 

cheltenham home

It was Emily's birthday on Thursday, on which we started the day with an epic breakfast, which I cooked at home. I made poached eggs [and bacon for Emily] on a bed of spinach and avocado slices, on top of English Muffins, which was a delicious combination. Love is being a vegetarian and cooking bacon for your carnivorous girlfriend on her birthday! 

birthday breakfast

Emily's birthday was also a perfect opportunity to catch up with lots of our friends, who we haven't seen since before our most recent three-month adventure. We decided to go bowling, as we thought this was a fun way to hang out with lots of people and we wanted to check out the new Hollywood Bowl at The Brewery in Cheltenham. 

This venue has been empty for ages, since Gala Bingo spectacularly flopped there years ago. It's great to have a bowling alley in Cheltenham and they've done a great job inside. There's a decent bar, food, pool tables, arcade games and of course bowling. The only downside is that the bar staff weren't really up to scratch, but I guess we should cut them some slack as the place didn't open so long ago. I liked that bowling has moved in the 21st Century, with iPads to enter your names, rather than those ancient computers that most places have, that are notoriously difficult to use!

hollywood bowl

Twenty of us bowled over four lanes and showed off our varying levels of bowling competence or utter incoordination! I was surprised that it's not compulsory to wear bowling shoes, which of course I did wear as that's half the fun of bowling! Even if they do look a bit silly...

bowling cheltenham

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