Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sarah's birthday at Manor Farm and Country Park in Southampton

As a fun day trip on a cold winters day for my sister's birthday, we recently visited Manor Farm and Country Park in Southampton. A group of twelve of us wrapped up warm and drove to the outskirts of Southampton to this huge country park. When you think you've arrived, you see a sign that says it's still a couple of miles to the farm and it feels like the road goes on forever! The whole area is huge and a great place to go on some scenic walks if that takes your fancy. We started the day with hot drinks at the cafe, which was very reasonably priced. We also had lunch there later in the day, which was pretty good and a lot cheaper than you'd expect from a cafe at a family attraction.


The entry fee was around £7 per adult, which I thought was really cheap compared to other similar places I've been before. Even though it was the weekend, we practically had the place to ourselves, sharing the farm with only a few families. We were also the only people there who didn't have kids with them! If you're heading here in the winter months, it's definitely a good idea to wear wellies, although as you can see in the photo above, you can manage with smart shoes too!



You can buy bird see on the way in to Manor Farm, which we discovered that only a handful of the birds were actually interested in eating. A lot of the birds are either spoilt by the amount of food offered and don't want any more or it's just not their cup of tea. There were some Cockerels [I think!] in a barn which loved a good snack, as you can see above. There are regular 'meet and greets' with animals throughout the day, including bunny rabbits and chickens. 


There was a small barn with some little piglets huddled up under a little heat lamp, which were super cute, overlooked by their rather less cute looking mummy pig.


There are inside wartime-style cottages and other buildings you can visit at Manor Farm, which are filled with lots of ornaments and other cool stuff from that era. There are a few areas where you can try on outfits, which are probably aimed at kids, but we had fun anyway! Check out Maxim having fun in a wartime living room in the photo below and all of us wearing snazzy vintage hats too.

The grounds are very well kept and nice to walk around, some of which is also made to look like wartime, with "warning, unexploded bomb" signs and an an bomb-shelter, amongst vegetable patches.



Visiting Manor Farm and Country Park in Southampton was a very pleasant day trip and a nice place to visit for all ages. You can find out more about it here



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