Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Delta Force Paintballing

A couple of weeks ago I organised Paintballing day with a group of friends in North Bristol. I've always wanted to give Paintballing a go, so booked ten of us in for the day with Delta Force, who are the biggest Paintballing company in the UK, with dozens of centres. I found a deal for £3.50 per person for entry and 100 paintballs through an affiliate site. Further paintballs are charged at £7.99 per 100, or £6.99 per 100 if buying 1,000 at a time. 

At the start of the day I thought I'd end up spending a small fortune, but it didn't actually turn out to be hugely costly. The ten of us bought 1,000 paintballs at a time and split the cost at the end of the day, which seemed a lot simpler than the hassle of buying our own paintballs each time. I spent about £30 on paintballs for the day, using around 500 including the first 100 which were free. 

paintballing group

There were around 40 participants at the Delta Force Paintballing centre on the day we visited and our group were kept on the same team and joined by people from another group. The staff tried to keep the teams as fair as possible, but the team we were up against were mostly a lot younger than us, which made it a little one-sided for us a lot of the time. I'd much rather have had it like this and stayed on the same team as my friends though and it's just luck of the draw with what groups are there on the day.

The day was well structured and organised, with helpful and friendly staff doing a safety briefing and marshalling each game. We played six different scenarios in total, with each scenario played twice, reversing the starting points for two teams. The game scenarios looked great, with different structures, including temples, churches, bridges and forts. Some of the games involved having a good strategy in place and others were obviously designed to make you use up a lot of ammo to make you buy more, but it was all good fun.

As we visited in March, it was very muddy, which made it a bit tricky to be stealthy at times, especially where there were knee deep pools of mud and water in places! This made the game play tricky at times, but it was still a lot of fun. I'd like to go again in the summer one day as I think I could have moved a lot faster and played the games differently with harder ground.

It was quite painful when you got hit by a paintball, but I only got one epic bruise. This was from where I got caught at the top of my leg at fairly close range. When we got home, our group were sending each other photos of their bruises on a group Facebook message, which quickly turned into a rather strange competition to see who had the most impressive injury! Don't be put off by the pain of Paintballing. It does hurt a bit, but it's really nothing to worry about and it's loads of fun!

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