Sunday, 7 June 2015

Wychwood Festival 2015

Last weekend was my sixth weekend at the annual Wychwood Festival, where I manage the awesome Headphone Disco show each night in the Big Top. This has always been our first festival on the calendar each year and is a lovely way to ease ourselves back into a busy season of running festival shows! Wychwood Festival also happens to be held in my home town, at Cheltenham Racecourse, only a couple of miles from my front door. It's lovely to be able to work at and enjoy a festival and then go back to your own bed each night! 

wychwood festival

Every year there's at least one other big Headphone Disco show that falls on the same weekend, as this year was no exception. I travelled down to DJ at a big show at the University of Surrey in Guilford on the Friday night, whilst we also had a show at Bath Spa University. Rolling back into bed at 6am on Saturday morning after a long drive meant I was very tired for the weekend, but thankfully I was able to enjoy free coffee backstage to see me though until the early hours! 

cheltenham festival

This year I didn't get to see too much of the festival, as I had a lot of other work to be doing, but I did get to enjoy some of UB40 and the Proclaimers and caught up with lots of friends who were also working at or visiting the festival. 

headphone disco

I'm very lucky to work with a great team of people, including DJs Josh Lovatt, Kelz and Peter who kept the crowd singing and dancing away until the early hours on each of the three nights, along with a great team of headphone distributors, who are super enthusiastic, even when the temperature drops as the night goes on. 

Next up is Download Festival in a few days time, where once again we will raise the roof on the Side Splitter tent on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, with up to 2,000 festivalgoers rocking with us at any one time :)

wychwood stage


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