Saturday, 18 July 2015

Download Festival 2015

The beginning of festival season has been a busy one this year, with five festivals under my belt by the start of July. This post is a little delayed, but I wanted to share a handful of photos and videos of my weekend at Download Festival, which was a few weeks back now. I had lots of admin work to be doing, so sadly I didn't see very much of the festival, as I was in the vans, so I'm afraid this post is a fairly limited snapshot of the weekend! I was managing Headphone Disco in the Side Splitter tent for the weekend, which was once again a huge success.

donington park racing
Getting to rag the van around the Donington Park Race Circuit [at 5 miles per hour]....

pot noodle
Trying out my new gas stove and tasty 47p noodles

festival arena
The Side Splitter tent, home to Headphone Disco for the weekend

festival mud
Good old British 'summetime' weather kicks in...

Check it out these short videos from the Headphone Disco at Download Festival 2015: