Monday, 28 March 2016

Firefly Festival 2015

As I prepare for Firefly Festival 2016, I wanted to take a look back at Firefly Festival 2015, held at the Dover International Speedway in Delaware each June.

My girlfriend Emily and I flew from London Heathrow to Philadelphia and picked up a car rental. I was pretty apprehensive about driving on the 'wrong' side of the car, and on the 'wrong' side of the road, but it was actually a whole lot easier than I had imagined. It definitely helped that the car was an automatic, so I didn't have to negotiate a gear stick. 

driving in america

We stayed in a Red Roof Inn a couple of miles from the Firefly Festival site the night before and headed to IHOP - International House of Pancakes for breakfast. My American colleagues tell me that IHOP isn't exactly a place to get excited about, but as we have nothing quite like it in the UK, were were quite impressed with the huge pancake stacks and delicious American style hash browns!

america pancakes
IHOP breakfast pancakes

We met up with my American colleagues and picked up golf buggies, to help us get kit and crew around the huge festival site. They're surprisingly fun to drive too! 

Headphone Disco host three stages at Firefly Festival each year. The big Headphone Disco stage is in The Thicket, roughly opposite the Main Stage. This is a lovely self contained area, with trees and canopies creating an intimate space to enjoy two DJs battling it out for the crowds attention! The show times vary each day, but typically the DJs spin from midday to midnight each day in The Thicket. You can check out a short video of Headphone Disco at Firefly Festival here:

Headphone Disco At Firefly Festival from DEGY Dance on Vimeo.

Headphone Disco host a further two smaller stages, one located in each of the main camping areas. This is where we entertain festivalgoers after the main festival music programming, from around midnight until the very small hours of the morning.

golf buggy festival

headphone disco crew
Headphone Disco DJs at Firefly Festival 2015

In our free time, Emily and I enjoyed wandering around the festival in the sunshine and checking out new bands. There are many stages of different sizes of the festival and it's a lovely site to wander round and take it all in. We had catering provided for us on site and we loved the American food and drinks -- and of course the huge portions!

We loved the whole festival experience as there were so many small things that were different to UK festivals. Even things like being able to park your car next to your tent was something we were not used to, and was very helpful. This was only our second time in America and we were still very much enchanted by all things American. Every so often I'd have a surreal moment where I suddenly remembered where I was! As Delaware is not a particularly big tourist state, we were very much in the minority with our British accents, which a lot of people commented on -- which we found quite entertaining.

firefly festival delaware

The big highlight of the festival for us was watching the wonderful Sir Paul McCartney perform on the main stage, which we watched from the VIP area. It was so incredible to see him perform live and a show I will never forget.

Firefly is a wonderful festival that I am very much looking forward to returning to in June 2016. See you in the Woodlands!

beatles festival

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