Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Parahoy Cruise

I've been to some pretty cool places in my job as an events manager, but it was particularly awesome to have the opportunity to sail on the Parahoy Cruise earlier this year, along with my girlfriend Emily. Parahoy is a 4-day music festival at sea, featuring the band Paramore, along with New Found Glory, CHVRCHES and and a some other great acts, including Headphone Disco, who I work for. Paramore are Emily's favourite band of all time, so it was an even more exciting opportunity for us!

norwegian pearl

When we arrived at the cruise terminal and saw the Norwegian Pearl for the first time, the sky was looking rather ominous. We checked into the ship and into our lovely little balcony cabin and went up on deck. Thankfully, the black clouds soon rolled away and before too long, it was time for the "sail away show" - the first of two full Paramore shows during the cruise.

parahoy cruise

Paramore were fantastic and it was an incredible experience to see them live, on a boat in the middle of the ocean, with a stunning sunset as a backdrop!

paramore live

We were able to [very briefly!] meet Hayley and Taylor from Paramore for a quick hello and photo, which was pretty cool! 

hayley paramore

We enjoyed watching bands on board, including New Found Glory, who helped me relive my emo childhood and CHVRCHES, who were amazing live - and both Emily and I have now become firm fans! There was a ton of other great entertainment on board throughout the day, but I must admit we did escape the madness a couple of times to go to the very relaxing ship's spa.

The food on the ship was awesome, with a wide selection of buffet food and also restaurants available all day and night - we most ate at the main buffet as it was so tasty and quick, but we did also check out one of the restaurants too on one of the nights, with my colleagues.

new found glory parahoy

The ship sailed to Cozumel in Mexico, where we disembarked and headed to our meeting point, for an excursion we had prearranged. We were taken by bus to a small beach, where we went out on small speedboats for a couple of hours. The weather wasn't very good at all, with very heavy rain, which made the whole experience a bit strange. We also went snorkelling, but there were very few fish. The group leader kept feeding the fish to try and bring them out, but it didn't do a lot to help. The excursion wasn't very good at all really, but I'm glad we did something a bit different whilst very briefly in touristy Cozumel.

cozumel excursion

The Parahoy Cruise was an absolutely incredible experience and something we'll always remember. I'm hoping to go on another cruise next year and would highly recommend going on a themed cruise if you can.

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